Analysing Sales, Rentals, and Location Features of 'THE VALES'

Analysing Sales, Rentals, and Location Features of 'THE VALES'

  • Jul 13, 2023

  • 2 min read


In this blog post, we will analyze the sales and rental transactions of the property 'THE VALES' located at ANCHORVALE CRESCENT, Singapore. We will also explore the location features and provide a conclusion on whether it is a good property to buy, rent, or invest in.

Sales Analysis

The sales data for the past 6 months shows varying price per square foot (PSF) values, ranging from 1180 to 1487. The average PSF for the property is 1321. The sizes of the sold properties range from 753 to 1593 square feet.
The sales analysis suggests that the property has been selling at competitive prices and offers a variety of size options for potential buyers.

Rents Analysis

The rents data indicates that the property has been fetching rental prices ranging from 3250 to 6200. The number of bedrooms available in the property varies from 2 to 4. The rental analysis suggests that the property is in demand and offers options for different budget ranges and family sizes.

Location Features

The location of 'THE VALES' offers proximity to several primary schools including ANCHOR GREEN PRIMARY SCHOOL and COMPASSVALE PRIMARY SCHOOL. Secondary schools in the vicinity include CHIJ ST. JOSEPH'S CONVENT and COMPASSVALE SECONDARY SCHOOL. The property is also conveniently located near CHENG LIM LRT STATION for easy accessibility to public transportation.


Based on the sales and rental analysis, as well as the location features, 'THE VALES' appears to be a promising property for buying, renting, or investing. The competitive sales prices, variety of sizes, and proximity to schools and public transportation make it a favorable choice. Buyers, renters, and investors should consider this property for a potential investment.


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