An Analysis of KLIMT CAIRNHILL: Should You Buy, Rent, or Invest?

An Analysis of KLIMT CAIRNHILL: Should You Buy, Rent, or Invest?

  • Mar 3, 2024

  • 2 min read


This blog post provides an analysis of a real estate property called KLIMT CAIRNHILL located at CAIRNHILL ROAD in District 9, Singapore. The property has freehold tenure and belongs to the Core Central Region (CCR). It provides insights into the sales and rental transactions of the property, along with an analysis of its location features. Based on the analysis, a conclusion is drawn regarding whether the property is suitable for buying, renting, or investing.

Sales Analysis

The sales data for KLIMT CAIRNHILL over the past 6 months indicates fluctuating prices per square foot (psf) for units of various sizes. The highest recorded price psf was 3844, while the lowest was 3197. The average price psf falls within this range, indicating a competitive market for sales.

Rents Analysis

The rents data for KLIMT CAIRNHILL is not available at the moment.

Location Features

KLIMT CAIRNHILL enjoys proximity to several reputable primary and secondary schools, such as ANGLO-CHINESE SCHOOL, FARRER PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL, and CHIJ SECONDARY (TOA PAYOH). Additionally, the property is conveniently located near NEWTON MRT STATION, ensuring easy access to public transportation.


Based on the sales analysis and location features, KLIMT CAIRNHILL appears to be a desirable property for buying or investing. However, the lack of available data on rental transactions may limit its appeal to those looking for rental opportunities.


This analysis is based on the freely available data and should be taken as a general overview. It is always recommended to consult with real estate professionals or conduct comprehensive research before making any property-related decisions.

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